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 GARMIN G1000 NXi for Beechcraft 200 Super King Air

Experience Our Passion for Aviation

Do you have high expectations about who upgrades and maintains your aircraft? Are you looking for someone who loves what they do and work to exceed your expectations? We assume you do.

We approach every job we do with maximum effort and care – everything from the installation of the latest avionics to their ongoing maintenance, from interior upgrades and modifications to aircraft detailing.

A long-term relationship with our customers is just as important to us. That is why we communicate openly and always keep our promises.

What do We Have on Board?

Fast Turn-Around Time

Our speed is supersonic. We avoid all delays because we don't have to wait. Harnesses and custom panels are made in our in-house shop, and we keep the essential parts in stock. Our direct access to avionics manufacturers also speeds things up. Therefore, you don't have to wait either.

Leverage our Avionics Knowledge

The lifelong experience of our 30+ AIR TEAM members puts a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. By providing excellent conditions and through careful selection, we make sure that our team is composed of true professionals in their field. You can fly with peace of mind knowing that your aircraft is maintained and upgraded professionally.

No Hidden Fees - Flat Rate Installations

After we install all the equipment into your aircraft, our avionics manager will take you through it and answer all your questions. In case extra work is necessary, it is always quoted - we send you a detailed description for approval and the price won't change without your consent.

Aircraft Pick-Up and Delivery

Upon delivery, we provide the complete paperwork. All pilot operating guides, weight and balance forms, log book stickers, and any other EASA-requirements.

Garmin Platinum and Bendix Elite

Our direct relationship with manufacturers allows us to give you superior support and after-sales service. And with the best price of avionics available.

& Support

You have access to periodical reports via the online app, where you can communicate directly with technicians working on your aircraft in real-time.

Convenient Location

Kunovice - "Mekka" of the Czech Aviation Industry

With a history of aviation production dating back to 1936 and an international airport located SE of Brno, Kunovice is the perfect base for our operations.

From landing to the hangar in a few minutes

Whether you are flying a general aviation aircraft, business jet, helicopter, ultralight or something experimental, you can land safely at LKKU. Our avionics manager and his team will give you a warm welcome, ready to exceed your expectations.

The Team

AIR TEAM service provides comprehensive avionics installations, repairs, modifications, and is an authorized dealer for all major avionics manufacturers.

We have extensive installation experience with Glass Cockpits, Autopilots, LPV/WAAS Upgrades, ADS-B & Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems and Satellite Communications.

Our avionics team is authorized as an EASA, FAA and TCCA repair & maintenance organization. In addition, we have also earned various military repair station designations.


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Petr Polak

transparent image 2

Jakub Dryska

Part 145 Sales Manager
transparent image 2

Michael Formanek

Maintenance Manager
transparent image 2

Petr Jedelsky

Modification Manager
transparent image 2

Tomas Marsalek

Quality Manager
transparent image 2

Martin Bartonozek

Avionics Engineer
transparent image 2

Ladislav Neuman

Avionics Engineer
transparent image 2

Oleksiy Pancenko

Avionics Engineer
transparent image 2

Jakub Stefanik

Mechanical Engineer


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Would you like the Upgrade Promotions, Rebates, Vouchers and Avionics News to land in your inbox?