Glass Cockpit for King Airs

We’ve already installed next-generation glass flight deck platform Garmin G1000 NXi, including GRA 5500 that represents the latest and most accurate technology available in radar altimeters, and GTS™ 825 TAS into the OK-MAG King Air. And we immediately continue working on the next one.

  • Autopilot integration
  • RVSM capability
  • ADS-B compliance, geo-referenced charting

  • In progress

Metroliner SA227 ADS-B Out

Supply of avionics for ADS-B Out capability for a total of 3 Fairchild SA227.

  • ADS-B Out

  • Completed Q1/2020

Cessna 172S Garmin G500TXi Glass Cockpit

Installation of the new Garmin G500 TXi Glass Cockpit with GTN 750 navigator, GNC 255 COM/NAV radio, DME, GTX335 transponder, ADX-B / FLARM TRX-1500 anti-collision system, and autopilot. As a backup of the system is the newly certified Garmin G5. All analogue devices and vacuum system were removed during modernization.

Installed Avionics

Additional Capabilities

  • The newest Glass Cockpit on the market
  • LPV Approach Capable
  • Bluetooth/Wifi Connection Connext
    • Flight Plan transfer
    • Database Concierge
    • Data transfer between iPad and Avionics
  • Traffic Avoidance ADS-B In/FLARM
  • Weather Information
  • Sending Text Messages/Voice Calls
  • Voice Command Telligence
  • ADS-B Out Compliant

Cessna 172 Dual G5/GTN Upgrade to meet IFR requirements

The co-owner of the C-172P contacted us with an avionics upgrade request to meet the conditions for IFR operation. The aircraft was equipped with only a few modern avionics solutions, including a Garmin GTN650 and a Garmin GTX328. The rest of the panel consisted of the original avionics from the aircraft’s production in 1986.

After a brief discussion, we found a perfect avionics solution which met the customer’s requirements whilst being cost-effective at the same time. In place of the artificial horizon and the gyrocompass, we installed a pair of Garmin G5 certified. The old KMA-24 audio panel was replaced by a modern Garmin GMA 345 with Bluetooth. To fulfil the requirement of two 8.33 kHz radios, we installed a Garmin GNC 255A COM / NAV transceiver. The navigation equipment was completed by a KN-62A DME receiver containing a harmonic filter, which is a requirement for operations in Europe.

Since the bulk of the radio rack was going to be changed, we offered the customer to replace the existing cabling, which had become unsatisfactory after various modifications. Thanks to the aircraft inspection before installation we were able to prepare the cable harness in our workshop without having to ground the aircraft. This shortened the installation time by one week.

Ten days after the start of the installation, the aircraft was ready for the first ground tests associated with the GMU 11 magnetometer calibration. After calibration, the new avionics were tested, and the transponder and altimeter measurements were taken to ensure that the avionics system met all the conditions to remove the VFR restrictions from the ARC.

Completion of the project took place 4 days after the ground tests. Over these 4 days, the overvoltage warning light in the on-board network was repaired, the old audio jacks were replaced for stereo jacks, the GTN 650 software was updated, and the release documentation was approved.

During flight tests, an issue with the GS indication on the G5 and the GI-106 was discovered. The issue was traced down to the original coaxial splitter, which was defective. Thanks to the comprehensive inventory of the AIR TEAM company, the replacement of the splitter for a new one was accomplished within an hour.
On the second test flight, the GS receiver was working perfectly.

Complete Dashboard Modernization of Evektor EV-97 Eurostar

This complete dashboard modernization has turned out excellent.

We installed the revolutionary Dynon SkyView HDX with an integrated 8.33kHz radio station, S mode transponder and Wi-Fi adapter for wireless data transfer between tablets and avionics in this Evektor EV-97 Eurostar.

Installation of a BendixKing KSN 770 into the legendary L-410

The installation of a BendixKing KSN 770 into the legendary L-410 turned out great. The system combines GPS, NAV and COM radio, and offers many features such as high-resolution terrain mapping, air traffic display and much more …

7" screen and Garmin GPSMAP 695 GPS

The Exchange of 8.33 kHz radio station is a great chance for further improvement of aircraft avionics. What about adding a 7″ screen and Garmin GPSMAP 695 GPS?

Stinson L-5 Sentinel Modernization

Following a modernization with Trig TY96 8.33kHz radio station and TT21 transponder, this Stinson L-5 Sentinel is ready for its 72nd season.

Modernization of Orličan L40 Meta Sokol

Successful modernization project of one of the biggest icons of the Czech aviation industry – the Orličan L40 Meta Sokol.

Modernization of the Legendary Antonov AN-2

We have completed the modernization of this legendary Antonov AN-2. It is now equipped with advanced avionics including a BendixKing Kcs 55 HSI (KI525a, KG102a, KMT112, KA 52 b), Navigation Garmin GNS 430, audio panel GMA 340 and S-Mode Transponder GTX 330.

GTN 650 - The Ideal Choice for Pilots

The GTN 650 is an ideal choice for pilots who want a fully integrated solution in a compact unit. The system combines GPS, NAV, and a COM radio station. In addition, it offers many features such as high definition field mapping, graphic flight planning, satellite weather, air traffic and much more.


Czech Air Force Mi-171 Upgrades

transparent image 2

We are a key supplier of avionics and technical support for the upgrade and modernization of the Czech Air Force Mil Mi-171 and Mi-24 fleet.

  • ADS-B solution
  • NVG capability
  • Rescue hoists
  • Searchlights
  • Database updates

  • Technical support
  • Long-term cooperation

Ukrainian Air Force Mi-8 Upgrade

Modernization of 28 multipurpose Mi-8 MTV-1 helicopters for Ukraine Helicopters, including 6 unique helicopters-transformers, created on the basis of Mi-8 MTV-1, capable of performing a wide variety of air operations.

  • ADS-B solution
  • TCAS
  • NVG capability
  • Technical support 
  • Completed Q4/19

SA-330 Puma Helicopter Upgrade

Modernization of SA-330 Puma Helicopters for the Romanian Intelligence Service.

  • Weather radar solution
  • NAV/MFD integration
  • Technical support
  • Completed Q4/2016

Ukrainian Air Force Mi-8 Upgrade 2

Modernization of seven Mi-8 Helicopters for the Ukrainian Air Force to meet NATO standards.

  • HF Radios
  • Weather Radars
  • ADS-B Out
  • Technical support
  • Completed Q4/2019

Czech Air Force L-159 Upgrade

We are the main supplier for the ESIS modernisation programme of the light combat and training aircraft L-159 Alca.

  • New MFD
  • L3 ESIS
  • NVG

  • Technical support
  • Ongoing

Uganda Air Force L-39

We’ve been a major partner for the Ugandan L-39 fleet in 2018 and 2019. This project included the maintenance, repair and overhaul of avionics.

  • ADS-B Out 
  • ADF 
  • DME

  • Completed Q2/2019

Military Database Updates

We are providing the Czech Air Force and the Polish Air Force with Jeppesen and other database updates for FMS and EGPWS systems.

  • Mi-171
  • W3A Sokol
  • Casa C295
  • Jak-40
  • Technical support
  • Long-term cooperation


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