Avionics Maintenance & Bench Repair

Avionics Maintenace

Your avionics deserve the first-class service, both on and off the aircraft. Our team has all the experience and equipment needed to find and fix the problem whenever something doesn’t work as it should.

Our purpose-built hangar allows us to perform repairs of all kinds. Our bench repair laboratory located directly in our headquarters, where experienced avionics technicians carry out all types of maintenance and repair tasks, is a guarantee that your avionics will always be in perfect condition.

Thanks to our experience, our direct relationships with major suppliers and an automated warehousing system, we are able to carry out repairs at above-standard speed.

Aircraft Detailing

Do you want to have an aircraft that looks beautiful and is a pleasure to fly? No matter the age of the plane, it can always look and feel great. We will help you make sure that your aircraft looks its best by taking care of both the exterior and interior.

We are able to restore the glory of your aircraft’s paint, remove everything that should not be in the carpets, and treat the leather to extend its life. And if you decide that it is time for a significant change and modernization of the interior, we are ready to fulfil your wishes.

Additional Services

Do standard solutions suit you? Or do you want to bring your ideas to the panel for a better overview and more efficient control? We will be happy to assist you in designing your custom panel, build it for you, and install it in your aircraft. Throughout the process, you will benefit from our comprehensive experience.

After completion, you can experience the uncompromising quality of the work done during a test flight with our professional pilot.

With our training options, you can speed up and simplify the process of familiarizing yourself with your new avionics.


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Would you like the Upgrade Promotions, Rebates, Vouchers and Avionics News to land in your inbox?