We are doing our maximum to ensure everybody stays safe during the pandemic. It includes both your safety and ours. That is why we now provide a new service: coviDelivery. With coviDelivery you can get your avionics upgrade done comfortably, without taking on the risks of travelling.

If you choose coviDelivery, we will pick up the aircraft at your home base. Our professional pilot will then fly it to our hangar at LKKU, where the upgrade or maintenance will be done.

Our professional pilot
will fly your aircraft to our home airport
All required paperwork
will be prepared and provided by us
Avionics upgrade or maintenance can begin

Which Avionics Upgrade Promotion Suits You Best?


Save Over $10,000 On Select Avionics Combinations

aspen evolution e5 efi

The complete digital panel for under $8,000 with auto pilot integration!

Evolution E5 EFI, Analog Converter Unit (ACU), EA100 digital auto pilot adapter, and E5 advanced features including standard HSI for just $7,995.

Savings of $1,575!

Description Price
Evolution E5 EFI, Analog Converter Unit, EA100 Adapter, E5 Advanced Features and standard HSI $7,995

This bundle completes the digital transformation of steam gauge panels for both IFR and VFR operations for just $7,995! Plus, owners can remove analog back up gyros and typically the vacuum system for a clean, and highly capable panel that provides a new level of situational awareness and COMPLETE AUTO PILOT INTEGRATION.

The Evolution E5 EFI, with Analog Converter Unit (ACU), EA100 Digital Autopilot Adapter, and the new E5 advanced features including OAT, TAS, wind direction and speed and GPS annunciations presents a seamless panel transformation that’s the most affordable in the industry.

E5 in flight video demo

Evolution Video Library

GI 275 EIS Rebate

Through July 31, 2020 you can save on the GI 275 EIS Variant. With EGT/CHT monitoring, Lean Assist mode, integrated fuel computer, exceedance alerting, and automatic data logging, with wireless connectivity for in-flight and post-flight analysis, the GI 275 can serve as a primary EIS display for piston engine, fuel, electrical and other data.

Eligible for single- and twin-piston-engine aircraft, you will receive $1,000 rebate of each EIS installed (two GI 275 EIS systems required for twin-piston-engine aircraft, a maximum of $2,000).

Garmin GPS promotion

GPS Navigator / GI 106 Combo

You can save over $1,000 and stay on course, with the new promotional combo with the GPS 175, GNC 355, or GNC 355A, bundled with the GI 106B course deviation indicator (CDI).

With minimums as low as 200’, the GPS 175 and GNC 355 are small, all-in-one touchscreen GPS navigators, capable of WAAS GPS navigation with LPV approaches. Visualize flight plans, including departures, arrivals, instrument approaches, holding patterns and more. Wirelessly transfer flight plans, stream weather and traffic, GPS position and backup attitude via the built-in Connext® technology. The GNC 355/A also boasts a built-in 10-watt Comm radio with 25 kHz or optional 8.33 kHz channel spacing (with GNC355A), plus standby frequency monitoring and automatic frequency identification. The panel-mounted GI 106B includes a VOR/LOC/GPS needle, as well as a glideslope needle. The GI 106B features anti-reflective lenses and LED flood lighting, and is compatible with the same pinout connections as the GI 102A and GI 106A CDIs.

This promotion is available from March 30, 2020, to August 30, 2020.

Lower S-TEC 3100 Pricing

We’ve lowered the price of the 3-Axis S-TEC 3100 to $19,995 (normally listed at $24,995)! It’s the equivalent of getting the Yaw axis for FREE! Excludes Cessna 177 & 182 (no Yaw option available).

We’ve also reduced the price of King Air S-TEC 3100 to $29,995 (normal list is $35,000). Current King Air models STC’d for the S-TEC 3100 are the 100 & 200 series. New orders on the King Air 90 can also take advantage of these great savings, the STC is expected in 45 days.

This is a very limited time offer and orders must be received between April 6th and May 22nd, 2020 to qualify.

s-tec 55x

Lower S-TEC 55X Pricing For Certain Twins + Free AutoTrim

We’ve lowered the price of tried and true S-TEC 55X for the Cessna 337 & 401/402, Beech „Model 18“ & Twin-Bonanza „Model 50“, Piper PA-23 Apache, PA-39 Comanche, PA-34 Seneca, & PA-44-180 Seminole.
From now until June 30th, 2020, those select twin-engine owners can get all of the great benefits of the S-TEC 55X for just $19,995 list.

We’re also including Automatic Electric Trim (valued at $5,624 List) on all S-TEC 55X systems, both single and twin-engine models, if purchased by June 30th, 2020.

Avidyne-IFD Promotion

Avidyne IFD Series Upgrade Promotion

The IFD540 & IFD440 represent the next generation in FMS/GPS/ NAV/COM systems. Each provides VHF communication and SBAS/ LPV precision navigation and are designed to meet the accuracy and integrity requirements for ADS-B as part of the NextGen airspace initiative. As plug-and play replacements for legacy systems, the IFD540 & IFD440 each share the same basic functionality in large and compact display formats respectively.

Trade in your Garmin GNS-430/530 to a new Avidyne IFD and take advantage of instant savings!

Trade-In Trade-In Amounts
Garmin GNS 430/530 $2,000
Garmin GNS 430W/530W $3,000

Why Upgrade?
  • Hybrid Touch
  • Plug-n-Play Replacement
  • Made by Pilots, for Pilots
  • Flight Planning
  • FMS Preview
  • Radio Tuning
  • Used/Demonstration Avionics

    You can upgrade your aircraft’s abilities while maintaining your budget altitude with us.


    • Aspen Evolution Pro
    • Garmin GTN 750
    • Garmin GFC 600
    • Garmin GNS 430/530W
    • Garmin GMX 200
    • BendixKing AeroNav
    • BendixKing xVue Touch


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    Would you like the Upgrade Promotions, Rebates, Vouchers and Avionics News to land in your inbox?